A Trove of Orientalist Literature, Free from Google

UPDATE: Added books from Theodor Nöldeke, George Sale, and David Margoliouth including a book found at Archive.org

At Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer and especially Hugh Fitzgerald have often exhorted their readers to read what the great Orienalists / Islamologists of yesteryear have to say about Islam.

Some of these books are hard to find or out of print. The Austin Public Library, for example, seems to have nothing from the classic Orientalists on Islam. There are newer scholars, such as Patricia Crone and Fred Donner, but nothing from Shacht, Goldziher, or Hurgronje. Happily I have just found a wonderful source of such books, available at no cost from Google.

A few years ago, Google made a deal with several universities that have large libraries, and set about scanning their books. Those books that are out of copyright are available for users to read and download. With the Google Play Books and the Play Books app, available on iOS and Android devices, users can now read works from some of the great Orientalists, including C. Snouck Hurgronje, William St. Clair Tisdall, and others.

These free digital versions are high quality. If you have a Google account, you can add them to your Play Books Library, and read them at the website, or you can download the Play Books app to your iOS or Android device, and read them there.

Among the works I have found :

C. Snouck Hurgronje :

Ignaz Goldziher :

William St. Clair Tisdall :

Sir William Muir :

Theodor Nöldeke

This is just the stuff I found in English. There is more in French and German as well, such as Henri Lammens on “calife Omaiyade Moʻawia”.



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